We're sorry to hear you'd like to close your GroKool account. If you're having trouble with the site, or if there's anything we can help you with before you close your account, please contact GroKool Support.

If you've created an activity on GroKool, or you have been added as a coach or co-Coach to an activity, the steps you need to take to close your account will vary depending on a few factors.

First, you will need to take the required steps as either an Activity Host or Activity Coach or Activity Co-Coach outlined below, before following the steps in the Closing Your Account section.

Host, Coach or Co-Coach of Activities with No Student Enrollments

If you've created or joined draft activities on GroKool as a Host, Coach or Co-Coach, you must delete each of the activities you created or discontinue your participation in the activities before closing your account.

If you have published any of your activities, but don't yet have any enrolled students, unpublish the activities first, then delete them in order to close your account.

After deleting all of your activities and discontinuing your participation, you can send an email to support@grokool.com to permanently close your account with GroKool

Host, Coach or Co-Coach of Activities with Students Enrolled

If you have created or joined any activities that are published or have been published in the past, and learners have enrolled in them, please email support@grokool.com for further instructions on how to close your account. Note that, per our student lifetime access feature, Learners, Coaches, and Parents/Guardians who have enrolled in your Activities will continue to have access to them after you close your account.

Activity Learners and Parents/Guardians

If you have joined Activities as a Learner or Parent/Guardian of an Activity, email to support@grokool.com to discontinue your participation in the Activities and close your account.

Note: If there are any payments due to be paid by you or to you, we won't be able to close your account until your last scheduled payments / payouts are processed by GroKool.