The future of group learning is here.

Keen on getting an edge in basketball? Compete in the next Math Olympiad or Lego competition? Or groove to a new dance style? Join GroKool for all this and more. Here, you can team-up with your friends with matching interests and pursue group activities with them. What's more, you can find a verified coach from the community to guide you along the way.

And that's just half the story. Here's more for you.


Your learning. Your way.

Join an existing activity or create your own. Invite friends, select a coach, set a learning path, decide on session formats and duration, and more.

Hang out with your friends

Pursue activities with friends you like and get to know new ones. Enjoy the fun in learning.


Find a coach you like

Select a coach that you can look up to and learn from. Verified coaches provide a risk-free impactful learning environment

Measure progress

Participate through regular discussions, assignments, quizzes, and projects to ensure progress in your learning journey.


Achieve your dreams

Leverage your automated digital profile in marketing yourself for that next dream opportunity.