Inspire your child with a
fun-filled learning experience

Does your child's brush strokes remind you of Picasso? Or it is the soccer kick that makes them aspire to be the next Diego Maradona? Or do they dream of being the Einstein or Aristotle of their generation? Join GroKool and choose from a set of passionate and verified coaches to guide your child. With regular assessments, you can stay tuned with your child's progress. Moreover, if your child is under 13, stay involved in their learning journey alongside.

So, make way for a new world of learning experiences for your child. Here's how:


Open new windows of learning

Motivate your child to discover a new world of learning. Be by their side as they explore new horizons.

Encourage unique learning paths

Give your child an opportunity to pursue their unique interests with activities ranging from math and calligraphy to adventure and more.


Team up with fellow guardians

Help your child to form groups with other co-learners that they know and can have fun learning with.

Recruit verified and credible coaches

Find verified coaches that share your passion in your child's learning and development.


Track learning and performance

Monitor your child's progress, stay updated on their achievements and celebrate these moments to inspire your child to move ahead.